First of all we arrange a meeting to get to know each other. This takes place personally in my practice.

In this conversation you will have the opportunity to get to know me and to explain your situation and your concerns. Furthermore, first questions can be clarified. The purpose of this conversation is to give you the opportunity to develop a feeling for whether you would like to work together with me on your concerns. 


Preliminary Talk up to 30 minutes: free
First session including anamnesis 120 minutes: 160 €
Counselling, EMDR, hypnosis therapy, psychotherapy up to 60 minutes: 80 €
In case of overtime per pro-rated quarter of an hour: 20 €

The fee is usually payable before the beginning of a session, in cash or by bank transfer. I participate in “” and provide a number of sessions at a reduced fee for people in difficult social situations. Please feel free to contact me about this.

Soziales Honorar

Private practice

My practice is a private practice, which means you are self-paying. Alternative practitioner services are usually not covered by the statutory health insurance. Depending on your insurance contract, private insurers will cover the costs of psychotherapy on a pro rata basis.

Please clarify this with your insurer or the allowance.

Advantages for self-payers

Quick help: You will receive appointments at short notice. You do not have to wait months for your first appointment. Furthermore, after the first appointment, there is no additional waiting time for any expert opinions on the assumption of costs by health insurance companies. I am also available to you during a waiting period for a therapy place with a panel therapist.

No waiting periods: If you are within a waiting period after stopping or completing psychotherapy, your health insurance does not cover the costs of therapy. As a self-payer you will still find support from me.

You decide about your data yourself: No “statutory health record” is created, i.e. no information is passed on to health insurance companies, insurers or experts. Since I am also bound by professional secrecy, all contents discussed in therapy and coaching remain confidential: Only you and I know about it.

Freedom of methods: The biggest advantage from my point of view. As a Natural Health Professional for Psychotherapy, I am not bound to the four treatment methods of the service catalogue of the health insurance companies. In addition, you determine together with me the temporal extent of the therapy without being bound to the specifications of the health insurance companies.